Thursday, December 9, 2010

Having Fun With Easy And Michelle

This is about a funny day from a couple weeks ago.

I spent most of the day with Michelle and her cousin Thing 1 (or 2, I don't remember which twin I assigned which name).

We had fun shopping for the Winter Wonderland. And when we were done, we got Thing 1 a birthday outfit.

Poor Michelle spent a lot of her day driving between Tinley Park and North Michigan Avenue. Basically, a half tank of gas.

And now I'm with Easy and Michelle. We're at this jam session that Easy goes too.

A very unique mix of people come to this thing. Black, white, young, old, doesn't matter. If you like live jazz, this is the place to be Wednesday night.

One thing that makes hanging out with Easy and Michelle so much fun is the silliness that ensues.

That and making fun of strangers. And today, there happens to be an abundance of strangers around merely to amuse us.

At Forever 21, there was an employee there who had the world's largest muffin top. And her hips and behind area were quite narrow. She had on skin tight pants with a belt pulled extra tight. It was as if someone inflated her mid section with a bicycle tire pump.

But the majority of funny people are at this jam session. There is a woman here who Easy and all his friends swear is possibly a hooker.

She keeps making out with this guy who the guys think is her pimp. Michelle and I think he's possibly gay or at best bisexual. It's just his voice and mannerisms. Maybe that's why the guys think he's a pimp. He has the feminine voice of an old school hood pimp.

Then there is this man sitting here snacking on Cheez-Its. Not a handful or a ziploc bag full this man has an entire box of Cheez-Its.

And then there's this incredibly fat man who walks up to him and says, "I don't know you, but may I please have a handful of your Cheez-Its?"

I don't know if that's really what he said, but they didn't seem to know each other and he walked away with a handful of Cheez-Its. And put the entire handful in his mouth at once.

And then there's all the old men who keep hitting on Michelle and me. One is the hand-caresser. Another is the toothless-smiler. Yet another is sir Stares-at-my-boobs.

And then there's a guy who is playing great. He sounds almost as good as Easy, but maybe I'm biased. That's kind of how I felt watching this guy jamming on the saxophone. Funny and mildly enjoyable.

But this guy looks like he came just from work. Michelle and I were trying to figure out his uniform. It's something for transportation.

Maybe you've seen that recent airline commercial with all the people coming out the subway and walking the streets of new york city singing about great fares.

And of course there was Walking Stereotype Guy. He looks like a guy from the hood, specifically Chicago's south side.

He was old but still had corn row braids. Once you pass the age of 23, take those braids out your hair! And he had on a fur coat that was fancier than the coat the woman with him had on. And of course his ears were pierced.
But one thing is certain amidst all these characters, I'm having fun. I always do with Easy and Michelle.

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