Friday, December 10, 2010

How To Bring In The New Year's As An Adult, Chicago-Style

What are my fabulous plans for New Year's? Admittedly, they are not plans that will knock every one's socks off, but I am in love with the plans.

It started with a search on to see if there were any good live music shows or something like that going on. Some comedy shows popped up in the search.

While I would prefer live music, the comedy shows won out. DL Hughley had a comedy show that I would love to go to, but the tickets are more than I can afford. So Kevin Hart's show in the theater district downtown is the one.

The show is at 7 pm, so there needed to be some place to bring in the New Year. There's no way I want to be driving through the city on New Year's Eve. I do not have a death wish.

So then I needed to find a hotel. Gloria had the best idea to just bring in the new year in a hotel bar, and that we should get a room at that hotel. Best idea ever was the thought I had.

I figured we could park by Bad's house and take the bus to whichever hotel we get. And we could maybe avoid downtown prices if we stayed near a train or bus line.

Chicago only charges one cent to ride the CTA on New Year's so that's the best way to get around. I'm all for avoiding driving.

What hotel did I land on? The Congress Hotel. It's on south Michigan Avenue. I definitely wanted to avoid the Magnificent Mile because their prices are ridiculous.

What's even better about the hotel is that Chicago does fireworks at midnight, and we happen to be across the street from them by staying at the Congress Hotel.

The room I reserved is a lake-view room, so that adds another option for bringing in the New Year.

Also, the hotel has a great bar that is free to get into for the night.

So, for New Year's, I'll be hanging out at a great hotel, taking in a show, and bringing in the new year with possibly fireworks and definitely a champagne toast.

The only thing is my friends. Easy will be overseas, so the New Year will be brought in with my girls (and guys) in Chicago.

The thing is, some of my friends are kind of flaky. They cannot be counted on to follow through with plans, even if it's plans that they make. There are certain people I can depend on, others... not so much.

But for New Year's, we have to pre-pay. Well, we don't have to, but I want to. Paying ahead of time will ensure that I won't be on the hook for money for a hotel room or whatever.

Some people, like Michelle and Camille, are definitely into the plans. Gloria is into them as well, but it depends on what her boyfriend Gregory will be doing.

Bad and Jordan and some of his other friends may join us, but that's still up in the air as well. But even if it's just Michelle, Gloria, Camille, and I bringing in the New Year, it will be so much fun. With just the four of us, it will feel more like the mood I had in mind when I was trying to figure out what to do for the night.

I'm excited for New Year's and I'm hoping nothing happens to make the plans fall apart.

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