Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Could Make Me Feel Better?

Talking to Easy could make me feel better.

He was supposed to call me or video chat me the other night, but he ended up not being able to. That kind of sucks.

Before he left, I really wasn't expecting to see his face at all until he gets back in January.

So when the option came up to video chat on gmail chat, I got happy.

And seeing as how I'm sick and have only left my bed to eat, go to the bathroom, and bathe, it will be a welcome change.

All I've done is play Sim City 4, read blogs, and watch HGTV. I can tell I'm getting a bit better because I'm not feeling like sleeping all day. I've only taken one nap today.

Even if I don't get to talk to Easy today, I think I will be okay. I mean, it will suck, but it's not like I haven't been hearing from him.

I think I get an average of 3-4 e-mails from him every day. He's been doing a great job of keeping in touch with me.

It's times like this when I look back on the types of guys I was involved with before Easy. They were great guys in their own rights.

They just weren't great for me. Or to me. What can I say? I guess they just weren't that into me.

When I think about how good Easy is to me compared to the crap I used to put up with, I need to go back in time and backhand myself.

Seriously, I should have done better. I shouldn't have settled for less than what I wanted.

That means I will do my best to appreciate Easy and reciprocate how he treats me.

I'm enjoying where we are now. I highly recommend a mutually satisfying relationship to everyone.

Of course, if they were that easy to find, I wouldn't have anything to write in The Medley.

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