Monday, December 20, 2010

I've Finally Visited The White House

I may or may not do a blog post with all the pictures I took. The rooms we toured were very beautiful.

I'm just glad I've finally been inside the White House.

Well, I've been before but I don't remember it.

My mother tells me we dined somewhere in the White House, but all I remember from that is some tall man giving me a small box of raisins.

But now I have photos and lots of laughs. There were a couple of hilarious moments, but they were you-had-to-be-there moments.

And I got to see m play brother. He and his wife just bought a house here and I haven't seen them since last Christmas.

It was a pleasant surprise that he was there, I didn't know his mother had put him on the list.

So now my mother and I are going to figure out something for lunch before the shuttle comes to get us to head back to the airport.

I love travelling and visiting new places, but there is nothing like heading home.

I guess I will always feel that way when it's time to go home, even if I've been gone barely 24 hours.
CeCe Savage

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