Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spending Time With My Family

I wrote a post this morning about spending time with Easy's family.

His family loves to have fun and loves to laugh. My family is the same way.

But today I realized how close our senses of humor really are.

His family has a lot of fun cracking jokes and making fun. You definitely have to have thick skin.

If you do or say something funny, it will be brought up again and again and again. Stories will be told for the enjoyment of everyone around you.

Tonight my parents came home from work and we sat down to dinner. We were laughing and cracking jokes about our family and friends etc.

There were stories to share about the time we spent apart (including a funny story from dinner when I was in St. Louis).

The only difference between my family and his is my family adds an element of physical comedy.

If there's a story being told, the person the story is about has to be physically imitated as well. It's just funnier that way.

In that respect, Easy's sister would probably be the favorite in my family because she's the only I can remember physically imitating someone she's joking about.

What can I say? Spending time with my family just makes me feel like the holidays are approaching.

My parents and I eat dinner together pretty regularly when everyone is in town. But it seems like we spend more time at it when the holidays are upon us.

And there are always funny stories that come from it. Such as, after dinner my mom had us all cracking up.

She asked me to get her hair bonnet that she sleeps in because she was going to lie down before bed.

She requested that I look on the dining room table for the sleep bonnet that was in the red bag next to the wig.

I go to the dining room table and see a red purse with wig on the table next to the bag. I look in the purse and announce that I don't see the bonnet.

Then as she's coming down the stairs to investigate, I notice another red bag on the dining room chair. This bag happens to also have a wig in it. Next to the wig is... the sleep bonnet.

So she meant the wig next to the bonnet, not next to the bag. And she meant near the table, not on it.

We were both cracking up at the fact that there were two red bags and two wigs and how it was understandable that I would get those instructions wrong.

No wonder I'm such a stickler for people saying what they mean and meaning what they say.

I truly believe I would have found the bonnet the first time had she said on the chair not on the table. But who knows?

One thing for sure is that my family always provides a good time.

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