Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Finally Talked To Easy

Easy and I have been e-mailing back and forth sooo much since he left for Europe.

He's only been gone since Thursday and I think I already have about 20 e-mails from him.

The e-mails read like half-journal, half-love-letter. Not just his, mine do too.

I love hearing about his trip and all the places he goes and the foods he eats and especially the standing ovations received after a performance.

But I missed his call on Saturday and I was quite upset. I didn't know when he'd get a chance to call again.

But tonight, he called me. He called my cell from some unknown number.

After a lot of screaming into the phone (my cell gets horrible reception in my parents' house), we got it sorted out where he called the house phone.

We spoke for a bit, but the call quality was crap, so Easy suggested we Skype.

I signed into Skype on my laptop, but for some reason, it wouldn't connect to the internet. I tried everything.

I logged out then back in again.

I did the troubleshooting on the internet website for Skype.

I even uninstalled the program and re-installed it.

As it turns out, Skype was just having technical issues and there wasn't a way for me to get online any time soon.

Easy could tell how frustrated and irritated I was getting.

While trying to make me feel better, he let me know that at least there was no quick end to our phone conversation because he was calling me from Google.

Then something clicked and it occurred to us we could talk on Google chat.

I'd never used Google to video chat before, so there was some confusion about being logged in on gmail versus being logged in on Google Talk.

We finally got it sorted out and were video chatting via Google!

We both sat there with these big dumb grins on our faces for the full first five minutes.

I was just so happy to see him. I just really like his face. It makes me happy to look at him.

His hair is really growing. I didn't know it grew that fast. He usually keeps his head shaved bald and a close cut on his beard.

It hasn't even been a week though and he already looks like he fights bears and rips tree trunks out of the ground with his bare hands.

Those are physical attributes I like in a man, by the way.

We spoke for well over an hour, which made me so very happy.

It's seven hours ahead there, so I did feel bad about keeping him out of bed because he looked very tired.

We made plans for how we're going to get him home from the airport. That's a much easier convo to have face to face rather than over e-mail.

And we joked and laughed and exchanged a 100 "I love you"s (I wasn't keeping count, but I think it was a LOT) and talked about how much we missed each other.

In a way it was kind of bittersweet. I was so happy to actually see him and hear him, but it really sucked to not be able to touch him.

It's true that I've had some worries about how the time apart would affect our relationship.

It's a silly thought in a way because how could a few weeks apart in December (after we've declared our love for one another) do away what eights weeks apart in August and September (when things were supposedly super casual) couldn't?

But crazier things have happened. I guess it doesn't matter. There's no point in thinking about some point in the future that I can't control.

So I'm just going to be glad I got to spend so much time talking face to face with him. God, I love technology!

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