Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekly Goals Accomplished? Part Five

I skipped two weeks because I just wasn't spending a lot of time blogging. There are fourteen goals in total. This covers the week 12/05-12/11 (Sun-Sat).

Family Member Goal: I'm supposed to reach out to a family member I haven't talked to or spent time with in the last month.
Accomplished?: No. And I really should get on this one. It is the holiday season after all.

Career Goal: Fill out at least 50 job applications.
Accomplished?: This goal I have finally accomplished! I switched my schedule around to avoid my internet-killing brother. So I should do a better job of reaching this goal from here on out.

Career Goal: Do research on grad schools, and on how to acquire a clinic/scholarship program/homeless shelter.
Accomplished?: I have done research on the clinic. There are a lot of extra steps that need to be taken, but having a solid checklist to go by is helpful. I have also come up with a solid list of grad school programs that I may potentially want to apply to.

Career Goal: Have an updated resume by the 10th of this month.
Accomplished?: I have updated my resume by adding in my forgotten certification in CPR. Also, I"m finalizing my references list.

Hobbies (Piano Playing) Goal: Spend at least one hour practicing the piano and/or studying music theory.
Accomplished?: I finally accomplished this goal. I do love playing holiday music.

Hobbies (Reading) Goal: Read at least one book in the last week.
Accomplished?: I've finally been reading again on my Kindle instead of just playing Every Word or Mine Sweeper. But I'm re-reading Great Expectations and that is going to take awhile. I'm about 1/3 of the way through it.

Hobbies (Writing) Goal: Work on novel at least once in the last two weeks.
Accomplished?: Nah. I just don't know what to do with the characters I've created. I may have to start from scratch.

Hobbies (Gardening) Goal: Work on indoor garden plan at least once in the last week.
Accomplished?: Not really. I'll get a half for this one because I've at least decided to start with an herb garden.

Hobbies (Yoga) Goal: Go to three yoga classes.
Accomplished?: I was able to accomplish the goal. It was really hard to go to five classes a week. I tried, but it was a toll on my body. I think it will take more time to work up to the great goal. For now I'll stick with three times a week.

Hobbies (Cooking) Goal: Make one new and one old recipe.
Accomplished?: I stumbled upon a great new recipe for home fries. It's just a spin on something I've tried before that didn't work out. I made them as a healthy alternative to french fries to go with turkey burgers. I normally hate turkey burgers, but have found a way to make them and enjoy them. Score one for healthy eating.

Hobbies (Cooking) Goal: Write down the recipe for everything I've made in the last week.
Accomplished?: I haven't cooked too much this week, but I did manage to write down all the recipes.

Hobbies (Travelling) Goal: Leave Chicago once a week, leave Illinois once a month, leave the Midwest once a season, and leave USA once a year.
Accomplished?: Chicago was left a couple of times this week, but only to head to the south suburbs. Still counts though! I left Illinois in November, and I'm set to do it again next week. It's almost officially winter, and I don't see me leaving the Midwest, but I'm gonna see. And I still have until next October to leave the country.

Hobbies (Bowling) Goal: Improve league bowling average and lower handicap.
Accomplished?: This was accomplished. My new average is 99, and my handicap has lowered to 90.

Hobbies (New Things) Goal: Try something brand new.
Accomplished?: Technically, I accomplished this because I have developed a brand new way to bowl. It's a stretch I know, but considering how different it was from what I was doing before and the vast improvement in my score, it should count.

I got 10 1/2 of my goals completed this week. That is a new record. Maybe in a few weeks I'll get all of them!

Of course now I need to edit a few of them, particularly the ones about grad school and my future career plans. I need a more detailed goals list.

But I'll worry about that next week.

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