Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lessons Learned On This Saturday

* Don't give two teenage boys your car to go to the barbershop. They'll never be right back.

Camille let the boys take her car. They said it'd be a quick trip. They came back a couple hours later, and consequently, Camille didn't join us for our shopping trip because she had other obligations on her time.

*Don't go to Orland Square Mall six days before Christmas.

This one I should have known. I've been Christmas shopping later in the season and been frustrated by the congestion. I thought it would go differently because I wasn't Christmas shopping. I was wrong.

*When in doubt, go with what you know.

I didn't even go to any other stores. I went straight to the Limited, and found a couple of great dresses. I tried them on, and Michelle and I decided on which looked best. Here it is.


*Basic school supplies no longer includes paint brushes.

We went to four different stores. It was damn cold outside. And no one had brushes. One of the games for tomorrow's church Christmas party is for the kids to paint snowflakes. We've got the snowflakes. We've got the watercolor paints. We don't, however, have any paint brushes. Michelle is pretty sure they have some at the church. I hope they do, 'cause we gave up the search.

*Staying up late to fulfill a goal has its ups and downs

There is this thing about old classic books: they take forever to end. Once you're pass the peak of the story, it's a long way to the resolution. Like another 100 pages. Jane Austen did it to me. Now Charles Dickens is joining in. But at least I finished a book, finally!

*I need to pay more attention to my cellphone.

I missed Easy's call today and I also left my phone at home when Michelle and I went shopping. I do believe after today, I'll pay more attention. And I'll take it off vibrate. My phone has been on vibrate for three months.

*Don't make plans to put up the Christmas decorations at the end of a very long Saturday.

My dad wanted us to put up the Christmas decorations tonight. We all loved the idea. Until we were all back home and tired as hell. Suddenly, it didn't seem like such a good idea. We may still do it. But probably not until my mom and I get back from D.C. will it actually get done.

2 New Hypotheses:

Last night I finally finished Barbara Walter's autobiography. It took me a month, if not longer. I'm used to blowing through a book a week!

Oh and my phone is always on silent/vibrate too because of work (I can never remember to turn it back on afterwards)...I miss tons of calls unless I have it next to be when I'm at home and see it light up and hear it vibrate.


I used to devour books, but I not so much any more.

I think it's what I'm reading. I used to read non fiction books about black history or medicine or a contemporary novel. But now that I'm reading all these old classics, they just take longer to get through.

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