Friday, December 17, 2010

Thinking About Easy In Barcelona

I wonder how he's doing. I wonder if he's missing me.

I wonder if it's weird that I've already sent him two e-mails before I got a response back.

We decided e-mail was the best way for us to communicate while he was gone.

Phone cards and AT&T cell phone rates and time zone differences pretty much dictated that.

I sent him the first e-mail when I knew he was on a plane from Chicago to Newark.

He e-mailed me back when he got there, but he ended up calling too, which was sweet.

Then I e-mailed him when I knew he'd be on a plane from Newark to Barcelona.

But there was no immediate response when he got there.

I figured there wouldn't be. He had lots to do. Getting to the hotel and checked in and meeting up with his group without speaking a word of Spanish is no easy task.

But I miss him. While I was at the bowling alley, there was an incredible finish to the Spurs-Nuggets game.

If you follow American basketball, you know what I mean. The Denver Nuggets were robbed!

I knew it was something Easy would love to know about, so that sparked another e-mail.

This e-mail was super long and included all the information about that night's games.

Ever since the NBA season started, he's been on every night checking out the info.

I know that he was switching his phone from regular Internet to wifi. What I don't know is whether or not wifi is readily available to him while he's there.

So, trying to be extra useful, I sent the e-mail.

And now I'm hoping he doesn't see two e-mails from me and think I'm doing too much.

I also hope he doesn't see it and is like, thanks, but no thanks. I have a tendency to not want him involved with things I love and he just tolerates (ahem, Christmas).

And now I'm hoping he doesn't do the same to me. Because I'm not a fan of basketball.

I'd rather watch almost any other sport on TV. Skating, bowling, hockey, hold 'em poker, fly fishing. Anything.

That being said, I'm going to turn over a new leaf and let him in on the things I love and he doesn't. Because I'd hate for him to do that to me.

I want to him love and appreciate my e-mails. Not think I'm a weirdo with too much time on her hands who's trying to hone in on his favorite sport.

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